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Info and Fees for Tenants

Getting Started

Register your details of what your looking for, this allows us to match you with appropriate properties and keep you informed of any new properties as soon as they become available.  We appreciate people are working, so can keep you informed by email or text during the day if required.


If you find a suitable property and wish to view, you can e mail or phone and we will sort out a viewing. We appreciate people lead busy lives so will endeavour to organise a viewing to suit your needs.


This will confirm your current employment, your Landlord history (if applicable) and your credit history to confirm you have no history of CCJ’s etc. This process can be completed within a couple of days, if you have completed your online application.

Prior To Taking Your Property

Prior to taking your property we will send you a draft copy of the lease to read through and if you have any concerns you can raise them at this point. You will also be given details of where to pay the deposit (usually four weeks rent) and advanced rent of one month approximately 5 days before moving into your new property.

Tenant Fees

When we find you your ideal property you will want to secure it as soon as possible.
You will need to provide us with two forms of identification as well as five weeks rent that will be requested for deposit.
Once the fee is paid you will be required to complete your on line application form *

Feel free to discuss with SOLO any concerns you have regarding your application. Should a Guarantor be required there is an additional fee payable.

*(we can post this out to you if required)

Peace Of Mind

Our property that you wish to rent will have to adhere to certain requirements, some of which are compulsory by law. The following items would apply to the properties we advertise on behalf of Landlords:

  1. An EPC report
  2. Landlords Gas Safety Certificate or appropriate certificate according to type of heating
  3. PAT test on any portable appliances
  4. Copy of Buildings Insurance (we keep this on our files but check it is current)
  5. DPS Information to cover the deposit you have paid and prescribed information
  6. Inventory with photos to support your deposit protection
  7. Meter readings as appropriate and relevant information relating to the property and suppliers
  8. Tenancy Agreement
  9. Standing Order completed for future rents
  10. Contact details for ourselves if we manage the property or the Landlord should they manage it themselves.
  11. Keys

You will be asked to provide evidence of your own contents insurance.

Length Of Tenancy

Most tenancies start off on a six month let, however at the end of this period you can choose to sign a new lease for another 6 or 12 months or perhaps longer if all parties agree. You will be asked to pay a renewal fee of £50. This is all subject to the Landlord agreeing. However you may decide to remain on a rolling contract. We can discuss the pros and cons of this at the time if you wish.

If you are happy to stay in your property that is wonderful, If however you wish to move, we can help you find an alternative property. Terms of giving notice will be in your lease. If you have any concerns at any time about giving notice or leaving, just gives us a call and we will try help you.

We provide references for your next property (if sadly we cannot find you something!) free of charge.

Once Moved In

If we manage the property on behalf of the Landlord we will do regular inspections during the tenancy with you present and at a time that fits around your works (within reason)

If you have any repairs then we ask that you report  them to us and we will ensure they are sorted as soon as possible.

We ask that you maintain the gardens and exterior and interior to a very good standard as we do not wish properties that are rented to stand out a mile from others in the road, because they are not being looked after!

If the Landlord manages their own property, then you will be given their contact details and they will liaise with you direct about the same matters as above.

Circumstances Change

People lead very busy lives and things change. You may want to move someone in or indeed move someone out! You must keep us informed of any changes and indeed of persons named on the lease who cease living there. There are procedures in place related to the deposit etc, so it is best to seek our advice.

If your property is a “NO Pet” property and you suddenly decide you want a pet, we can find out if this is going to be allowed by the Landlord and we will confirm anything like this in writing. However if it is not possible, we would try to find a suitable property once you are able to give notice etc, that will allow a pet.

Vacating The Property

There will come a time when you plan to leave your property and you have given the appropriate notice to leave as per your tenancy agreement. We would ask that you consider the condition it was handed over to you, as per your inventory and ensure it is returned in this condition.   If you have any concerns we can meet you a few weeks before and discuss any issues you may have.  If you have been keeping us informed of repairs and looking after it during your tenancy it should not be a problem.

The property will be checked against the ingoing inventory and providing all parties agree your deposit will be released as per the DPS guidance.


We are happy to listen and make improvements so any suggestions are more than welcome