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FAQ’s Solo Property Management

Frequently Asked Questions Solo Property Management

When you’ve been renting property for as long as we have, there are a whole host of questions that we hear time and time again. So rather than leave you in the dark we have listed all the most common questions and answers below for you.

Landlords Frequently asked Questions

What is the best size property to buy to rent out?

There is always a demand for property but it is true to say the traditional two up two down property with parking and some outside space is the most popular and is constantly in demand

Should I rent my property furnished?

This can lead to some obvious problems of things not being looked after as well as you had hoped and also the tenants do not feel like it is their home. So generally we advise unfurnished is the best approach.

What happens if my tenant does not pay the rent?

99% of tenants pay their rent without any problems but sometimes circumstances change and you may find the odd bad apple despite rigorous checks.  There are rent guarantee policies you can take out for peace of mind – which we can discuss with you.  However if you have not taken this cover there are procedures for giving notice and this is where it is helpful to have an agent to deal with this on your behalf.   It is very important to give the correct notice on the correct date.

Should I leave white goods in the property?

We would say if they are built into the kitchen (many new builds are) then clearly leave them in. Most tenants expectations of what they want in their kitchen has increased over the years. They do like a fridge/freezer, cooker, dishwasher, washing machine. However we generally say washing machines can be costly if the tenant does not use properly and leaves coins in pockets. So maybe do not include one. All appliances that are not built in will require a “PAT” test (Portable Appliance Test) Leave in what you are happy to leave and if not providing white goods then perhaps ensure there is enough space and plumbing facilities to cater for a washing machine and dishwasher. You can get Home Care via British Gas for maintenance of white goods, should you decide to leave some in.

Frequently asked questions for Tenants:

What does my application fee cover?

This fee is your way of securing the property in your name. We check your employment, credit rating and previous Landlord details (if applicable) or where you have been living previously. Once your application has been processed you will be on your way to securing your property. This will ensure you have a lease to sign, deposit protection and prescribed information which is now a legal requirement. The property will have been checked by your agent to ensure it has an EPC that we can pass on to you, correct certificates known as “Landlords Gas Certificate” or as appropriate to the type of heating. If you have to have a guarantor the correct paperwork will be included in the lease.

Can I paint the property I rent?

We always encourage tenants to look after their properties and naturally you want to make it feel like home. Most Landlords are happy with this so long as it is painted in neutral colours and done in a professional way. However before any such works are carried out we always advise to send a request by e mail or a letter to your Agent or Landlord. Once they have replied in writing to confirm ok and any stipulations they make, it is ok to go ahead. However always keep this somewhere safe for when you leave the property. If the agent does not manage your property perhaps ensure you send them a copy for their records when you leave.

What happens if I move into a property and someone leaves – what happens to my deposit?

Any changes to your circumstances always inform your Landlord or Agent in writing. They will advise accordingly to your change of circumstances. It is very important to advise if anyone leaves the property, as this will require changes to your lease and notifying to where the deposit is protected. Equally if someone moves into the property this is equally important. All changes need to be advised to your Agent or Landlord in writing as a guide.

Can I have a pet?

Generally speaking it is made clear in your lease no pets unless it has already been agreed. We would suggest you put it in writing your request for a pet and if the Landlord agrees, make sure it is added to your file and again any stipulations are added to the lease, so it is noted when you vacate. You may be asked to increase your deposit to cover any damage. If the Landlord says no, then you may want to consider moving to find a suitable property and a more willing Landlord.

Still Got Questions?

Rest assured that there are no stupid questions so if you have anything on your mind or something you want to run past us please do get in touch. If it’s one we get asked a lot we’ll even put it on this section of the site to help out others too.